Friday, March 4, 2016

Adventures in Darville, Chapter 2

Chapter 2:
The Skittish Curator
And a Red Tiled Conclusion

Friday, March 4th, 2016

            Last night saw conclusion to the great Jester Shirt Conspiracy. I will go over its events, step by step, with events already stated being outlined in the first phase.

Phase One: The Uniforms

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            Mitzi hand-made three outfits: two Jester Shirts and one Rose Shirt. The Jester Shirts went to Axel and Pecan, while the Rose Shirt went to Otis. Of note, Axel was not too fond of his assignment. Also of note, Pecan was sure to award me with stationary for my part.

Phase Two: The Abandonment of Attire

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            Axel, after a long talk with Otis, switched into a Rose Shirt himself, presumably putting the Jester Shirt into his pockets. He assigned me the task of delivering some mosaic-looking shirt to Pecan, which she promptly put on, handing me the Jester Shirt that I had initially given to her personally.

Phase Three: The Jester’s Gathering

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            Axel assigned me the task of sending him a personal letter. He was sure to emphasize not only how much they mean to him, but also his desire to receive them with gifts attached. I wrote a generic, inconspicuous letter, and attached my Jester Shirt to it. Phyllis, who worked at the post office, immediately awoke Pete, the mail carrier, to deliver my letter, despite the letter reserves not being full and the time being quite improper.

Phase Four: The Goods

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            Axel had responded before I even reached him, making sure to tell me that I had mail waiting. I returned home to find it true. Axel must have had his response pre-prepared, and Pete must have delivered the letter directly from Axel to me, a most unorthodox action. Attached to the letter was a Red Tile Flooring.

Phase Five: The Final Exchange

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            I spoke to Mitzi, in passing, who somehow already knew that I had the Red Tile Flooring on my person. She insisted that it be given to her, and handed me a sizeable sum of 3,000 Bells for my work (or my silence?). She informed me that she had borrowed one such item from a friend, but had misplaced the original, and referred to me as “a life saver.”

            Thus concluded The Jester Shirt Conspiracy. As I sit here, the evening of the following night, I cannot help but wonder what, exactly, I had just helped to complete. Still, the animals involved made no mention of it today, or any events that seemed related, so I assume that my part in this underground shirt exchange has concluded.

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            Nook’s shop had both a bug net and fishing rod in stock this morning. While I desired to spend most of my day inside, setting up my new abode, I decided to take the time to catch some of the more daytime-oriented insects, including two species of butterfly and two species of ladybug. The museum curator, Blathers, seemed less than pleased with the specimens. It seems he may be a bit phobic of bugs. Throughout the day, I also submitted to him a Bagworm, a Pill Bug, and a Mole Cricket, all of which he reacted to with similar disgust. It seems I have found his weak point, should I ever need to exploit it.

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            Before I could begin fishing, though, I noticed that a new house had been built between mine and Pecan’s, in Acre B-2. I went inside to meet the single mother Kitt, and her child who seemed to be as of yet unnamed (kangaroos, am I right?)

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            Kitt was a sweet woman, very inviting and happy to be in the town. If only she knew the mess that it was in before I got here… Ah who am I kidding? It’s still a sty. At least it has a few flowers strewn about, though.

            Speaking of plants, last night I also managed to come into possession of a Peach. I buried it in the same general area as the Cherry tree, leaving plenty of space for both trees to get ample sun and breathing room, away from not only each other, but other trees, rivers, rocks, signposts, houses, etc. Regardless, I awoke this morning to find that BOTH of the trees had wilted.

            I thought I had found an Orange, perfect for giving myself a second chance. Turned out to just be Tangy’s head again. I’ll never get used to that thing.

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            The evening was mostly spent fishing. The fish in these parts are insane, ripping the bait right off of the hook before I even knew they had seen it. Still, I managed to fish up several species, far too many for me to recall, and donate them all to Blathers at the museum. The old curator was much happier to receive these aquatic friends, giving me small tidbits of information on many of them and simply acting with delight at the others. Duly noted, the old man’s weakness is still just insects. Also worth mentioning is the fact that I fished up more than my fair share of old boots and tin cans. The land may be clean, but this town’s river and ocean are abhorrent.

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            Beyond that, I did manage to reorganize my new, larger home. It’s amazing; they actually managed to expand it while I slept, and I was none the wiser. Nook’s goons are very talented individuals. Note: do not get on his bad side. Between these past two days, I’ve gotten my hands on an insane amount of Ranch-themed furniture, as well as a couple of cacti. Fate seems to have chosen my house’s theme for me.

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            Tomorrow’s a big day. Crazy Redd is coming to town, and I look forward to seeing what all of the hype is about.

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